Nissan told how they protect the cars from the sun radiation.

NissanAll new Nissan SUVs have the high-quality multi-layered paint coating, 2008 Nissan Altima led headlight, tested for the endurance in the hardest conditions of our planet.

In the process of developing Nissan engineers check the panels with the samples of paint coating in the ultraviolet lights with the capacity of 500 w/m2, which 10 times more than the natural capacity of ultra-violet sun radiation.

The key factor in ensuring that the paint comes off the bodies of the Nissan SUVs is the new climate chamber worth 1.6 million Euro, recently installed in the European technical center of the company in the British town of Cranfield. Now it takes the engineers of Nissan just a few weeks to run the test, modeling the multi-year exploitation of car in the hot sun. Their task is to guarantee the maintenance of the high-quality covering of Nissan SUVs during their entire lifetime.