2008-2010 Honda Accord Sedan

It’s the king of mid size sedans more than a quarter of 1000000, are sold every year and excels for more used than any other card it’s class hi I’m bristling unions can I’m Nick knowing you’re watching arbitrators used car review the 2008 to 2010 Honda accord once considered a mid size sedan the 2008 and higher models were so much larger that the EPA change their status to large sedan.

2008-2010 Honda AccordIt has an elegant look and the build quality is every bit as good with the big backseat and trunk and favorable crash test results behind a quarter ranks right up there as a reliable well built family car that also has impressive fuel economy that’s right even with 4 passengers you can still expect a healthy 30 miles per gallon budget conscious buyers like the economy of one of the 4 cylinder engines. Either the 177 horsepower 2.4 liter you getting you know lax or the 190 horsepower you can find in the EX series. If you’re looking for more passing power you should look for the 3.5 liter V6 engine which gives you to whom 71 horsepower that may or may not be why some away no 9 buyers complained excessive break where.

The more power you have the hardest breaks after work. This. Inside you’ll find a somewhat typical Sudan interior I must say the seats are pretty comfortable not too soft like you’ll find another sedans Nance very nice now the least expensive accord is the al axe and while it is entry level it’s actually pretty well equipped standard features include air conditioning power windows locks and mirrors and a tilt telescope steering wheel audio in cruise control from is also remote trunk release, a fold down rear seat with pass through and am FM stereo with MP 3 compatible CD player. If you want more than the basics you should look for the LX VP or one of the “E” – Extremes you’ll find features like a power moonroof USB interface voice powered navigation Bluetooth connectivity and of course leather seats. New nice led 2009 Honda Accord headlights. Canceling technology and little to no vibration makes it. Eerily quiet a lot of accord owners.

You have to be careful not. Faster than. I think you’re going. Yeah I can see why it’s a pretty nice ride the steering is Fuhrman well centered in the 5 speed automatic seems pretty smoothly too but there’s a bit of understeer the nose wants to stay straight would taking tight turns and it’s a bit bouncy on bumps to override see the driving experience is a notch above a Toyota Camry with maybe a notch below a Chevy Malibu our Nissan Altima. As far as safe. Court rain. The resale price also brings. Real world record sells for only a little bit less than it did brand new. If you’re looking for a nice reliable sedan but I would say it’s worth it. Iverson union and ignore thanks for watching this you. Powers you 2000 82 10 Honda accord right here on autotrader the ultimate automotive marketplace.