How To Replace Headlight Assembly 2001 Toyota Tacoma

I am a change in the headlight lenses on my 2001 Toyota Tacoma. As you can see this is they all have librarians. Compare it to the new Headlight. Alright leader not too difficult to get off if you go about it in the correct way first about the grill must come out. And as you can see. There’s these clips holding the grill there’s 1234. Of Baruch clips holding that one right there alright. How the hell you doom is there’s a little black Taleb. Own the clean up. Drag it one you can see very easily. In this tab right here. I pushed this down and when you push that down and pull out. These clips on the grill owner.

2001 toyota tacoma headlightsGrill will come right now. So all you do is push is black tab down and pull at the same time. Against them with the grill in a pop right now. It’s all I can say there’s 5 of those you have to release. Once you get the grill out. That will allow you to do go ahead and get everything out. First thing to do is remove the screw right and see if I get where you say it. Right there. Now this screw right here. Will release this parking lot.

Our turn off your parking lot and side marker Headlights. On the bottom they just flat Ian right here. So once you release this tops grew. Pull the dropout pull the bottom end up operetta. Okay I’m the head like. There is a boat. That’s right in this whole look great here. Bear down in there is a is a about opera got this piece right here. Is Space that goes just like this. Are likely to grow. But The truck like this. To get that all protect this grew out over here. Then you pull these you can say this is a snap. Right here. So that’s how you get that all was to get it out deck this snap out that twisted it collapsed. And then you can put it back.

Into the molded and then the whole thing will snap right back. So once we get that here lie. Then we get to the albums like so you get to the spot right here buried up in this whole. Take that out. Now only Ian. New York City and sipping it wearing say it the other list. But right there in about right there which I’ve already taken the nets all. They looked black VS. An abrupt. No problem. They look just like that right there you take those off. And that will allow you. You rotate this had not lied when I got one more about Africa yes right here.

This boat right here has come out. Once you take that both bell. The entire Headlight and so come out. On snap the wiring from. Stick your new lands in. This is the new head Latvians at about. And you can say is just a standard. 3 prong plug here on the back. These are 2001 toyota tacoma headlights
protectors that you just pull all. It’s dione And then once you get the golf. Here’s your adjustments.

Do just the head a lot if you need to adjust to the I don’t know if I will need to or not. But I’ll find out what’s there you know but anyway I Fairly simple Not too bad Probably a Really the problem is taken the. This only really problem is taken this bottom piece off right here. Because once you take this ball back here. You have to catch up pull at a prize all pretty hard to get to snap.

And Matt neither one of the clips broke all man so hopefully yours won’t either. But anyway. You say the revolt results are. Dramatic the difference between a new headline though when they died actually cleaned. But I really didn’t do a whole lot of good. It’s the nanny named model and. Course if it’s so 11 years old so. They were pretty bad. That’s how it’s done.